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Transform Your Outdoor Space With The Best Quality Outdoor Lighting Installation Service

Create an impression with premium quality designers and electricians for outdoor lighting in Fairfax. Make your home and commercial space more decorative with unique outdoor lighting options. At Abdul Electric LLC., we take care of the safety of the outdoor area and make it aesthetically appealing. For an online consultation please get in touch with us.

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Outdoor Lighting Style Options

We combine a different range of styles, colors, and variations to make your outdoor area more appealing. Moreover, we believe the styles of outdoor lighting systems come with a dictated purpose that’s why we suggest custom designs that match specific outdoor areas.

  • We use accent lights to highlight softscape zones like tree and flower beds and hardscape zones with statues and fountains.
  • To showcase the unique personality of a specific building we use architectural lighting.
  • Apart from the versatile outdoor lighting options we also add value to the driveways and paths with pathway lighting.
  • Variations like sports court lighting, in-ground lighting, motion lighting, and pool area lightings are the rest specifications we have in our outdoor lighting installation services.

Variant Outdoor Lighting Options

Gone are the days of high voltage landscape lighting. Modern LED lights are fancier and energy efficient at the same time. Abdul Electric LLC is a premier outdoor lighting installer that offers a wide range of variety. Take a look at the variant options and choose the best:

  • Solar Lights: solar lights are not only sustainable it also comes up with multiple style options. Moreover, solar lights are easy to set up.
  • Low voltage LED Lights: Installing outdoor lights can put pressure on the electrical unit. Moreover, the power bill is likely to go higher. However, with low-voltage LED lights, you can illuminate your outdoor space without breaking banks. These cost-effective lighting options are convenient to install and maintain.
  • Fuel-Burning Lights: Fuel-burning lights are another sustainable option to make your outdoor space amazing. To be specific these types of lights are powered by gas, oil, or fuel. Torches, lanterns, and fireplaces are great choices. It offers your outdoor space a rustic and mysterious look. However, these types of lights are not the best choice for all seasons.
  • Line Voltage Outdoor Light: post lights, wall lights, and uplights are the best choices in this category. However, for this type of outdoor lighting installation, you have to completely rely on certified professionals. Since it requires a separate set of wiring because of 120V, you should not take any risk.

What Sets Up Apart?

Our Aesthetic Sense

Outdoor lighting installation in Fairfax, VA is more than just illuminating the landscape area. That’s why our professional designers suggest the best style and variations that suit your outdoor area. Our tailor-made outdoor light installation is one of the premium choices to decorate your home and business space.

Professional Electricians

We take pride in our dedicated technicians who all are certified, trained, and insured. Their utmost dedication to perfection and professional detailing make your landscape area not only beautiful but also safe!

Industry Experience

We have been catering in the industry for more than 15 years. Our brand legacy and wide experience encourage us to make our service more advanced. In fact, we have served more than 500 clients and transformed their outdoor areas.

Unparallel Service Experience

When it comes to outdoor light installation and repair we are confident about the outcome. Years of industry experience dedicated passion of our electricians are combined together to offer the best-in-class service experience for every project.

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