The introduction of smart commercial electric lighting has ushered new design sense. Different companies have come up with new-age lighting fixtures to offer durable and energy-efficient lighting options. In fact, they promise to make the ambiance fashionable and future-ready with advanced technology like IoT.

LED lighting fixtures are extensively used to set various modes of commercial environment. Be it a restaurant or retail store office or salon undoubtedly LED electrical lighting has everything to offer. Take a look at the multiple types of commercial lighting options and determine the potential option from the list.

Landscape Lighting

Commercial space typically focuses to achieve an exquisite appearance. Apart from the basic need of illuminating the business space, landscape lighting has more to offer. Their emphasized design and trendy appearance establish unique design elements to complement your building and outdoor space.

Recessed Light

If you like to allow a shining look, LED recessed troffers are considered to be the best commercial electric lighting option. It offers minimum heat and plays the role of CFL tubes. However, unlike the traditional mounting system, the housing of the lights is hidden inside the ceiling.

Pendant Lighting

In different workplaces, many business owners want to introduce individualized settings. Pendant lightings are the best choice for an attractive appearance and functional feature. Apart from its aesthetic quality, it provides a uniform dispersion of lighting and helps to improve the ambiance of the overall space.

Outdoor Commercial Lights

Gone are the days when LED lighting was a preference for indoor light only. With the introduction of new styles and trendy designs LED lights are widely used in outdoor lighting systems as well. From floodlights to LED shoebox lights, there are excellent variations in outdoor commercial LED lighting options.

  • LED shoebox lights: in general, these types of lights are typically mounted on a pole.
  • LED flood lights: these can be used to light up paths, vistas, and large areas of landmarks. Among its variations, directional floodlights are used in the architectural wall. Area floodlights are used in warehouses, parking areas, and stadiums.
  • LED wall-pack lights: as the name suggests, these are wall-mounted lights. This type of light illuminates the building façade and parking spaces.

Last Lights and Lamp

These are the portable version of highly concentrated lights. It comes with adjustable and adaptable features to focus on work more efficiently. Task lights are great alternatives if the high bay and low bay lights are not providing enough focus.

To wrap up

The options for commercial electric lighting are endless. If you find it difficult to choose the right fit for your business area, it’s ideal to take the assistance of professionals. Abdul Electric LLC. offers the finest lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces. Book an online consultation for proper guidance.