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Electrical Panel Installation Service

Hire skilled and licensed electricians from Abdul Electric LLC and install electrical panels. At Abdul Electric LLC., you will find the most reliable and efficient electrical panel installation service. We are backed by a team of dedicated and experienced electricians and project engineers to design, install and repair all categories of electrical systems. We understand the value of time and maintain strict adherence to premium industry standards.

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Hire Dedicated Experts for Electric Panel Installation

An electrical panel is a critical part of the electrical system. New electrical panel installation is a complicated task and can only be managed by experienced professionals. Whether it new installation or electrical panel repair the technicians follow the strict electrical code and mitigate the risk of electrical hazards. As we have the best-in-class trained and qualified electricians they know the best way to serve your need.

Take a look at when to install a new electrical panel:

  • When the existing electrical panel is almost worn out
  • If you are looking for more space to include new circuits
  • The old panels are causing short circuits
  • If you are planning to install new electrical appliances
  • You are having frequent wiring issue

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement

The electrical panel is the core factor in your electrical system. In case the electrical system is malfunctioning it could lead to serious hazards. A faulty electrical panel could be a reason for such cases. Hence, it is better to stay safe by replacing the old electrical panel or repairing the old one. An outdated electrical panel is the primary source of critical electrical problems. Our technicians will visit your place and review the condition of the electrical system and recommend you for a repair or new electric meter panel installation.

Find out the common signs that indicate you should replace your current electrical panel:

  • Electrical appliances are losing their efficiency
  • Conductors are overheated
  • Rusted old electrical panel
  • Panel boxes are almost crackled down

If you have any of the signs mentioned above you should call our electricians for electric panel installation.

Electrical Sub Panel Installation

We are the leading electrical service provider in your locality. We believe electrical malfunctions are not only a nuisance to your family; there are some potential risks as well. That’s why we promise you to make your home a safer place to live. Our electricians find out the faulty points in your home and offer you with required solutions. Based on the capacity of your electrical unit and existing wiring we offer the best-in-class electrical subpanel repairing and replacement service. For any emergency please get in touch with us.

Outdoor Electrical Panel Installation

Your outdoor zone should be safer to have the ultimate peace of mind. Our commercial and residential electrical panel installation service covers both the indoor and outdoor area. Our training and specialized electricians know how to make your home safe and mitigate critical electrical hazards. Moreover, our efficient team is eager to reach your place during the emergency hour to protect your property from any electrical damage. Hire our dedicated experts and stay relaxed.

Why Choose Abdul Electric LLC?

Trusted Electricians
At Abdul Electric LLC we have trained, certified, and insured local electricians and electrical engineers to manage and supervise each project.

24×7 Emergency Service
We take pride in our dedicated and efficient management team who are always eager to solve your issue at the most uncertain timing. Our electricians are always available for all kinds of electrical work.

Flexible Pricing
Based on the priority and budget we offer flexible pricing to each customer. Moreover, we are very transparent and straightforward about the service charges.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
Customer safety is on our priority list. Moreover, we make sure our customers are contented with our services and we leave you with a happy smile on your face.

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