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Electrical Safety Inspection at Your Doorstep

Just like water and gas electricity is also prone to leak. Critical electrical system runs rigorously behind the scenes and allows a great range of comfort and functions. Electrical leakage can bring potential risks to your home and commercial building. Did you know electrical damage can cause the largest property damage to the building structure? The faulty electrical installation can pose a serious threat and damage your property.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission small electrical system plugged in inadequate and improved wiring can lead to potential hazards like accidental electrocution. With a professional electrical safety inspection, you can mitigate any impending danger and prevent any electrical hazards.

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We offer professional electrical safety inspection services that inspect the new and existing electrical system. It covers electrical installation for safe electrical compliance. We also offer detailed and curated home and commercial electrical inspection services for buildings, machines, installations, and plants. Our certified and insured engineers visit your site and inspect the entire system thoroughly. Based on the specific safety standards and area-based guidelines we measure the safety limitations.

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When in doubt solve them immediately! Don’t play a guessing game when it comes to the safety of your family and business place! A small delay or negligence can lead to potential danger. Choose professional electricians and certified engineers to be assured of the safety guideline. Book your appointment now!

Electrical Safety Inspection is Not a Choice!

There are some specific cases when home and business owners should take electrical safety inspection more seriously. However, we all are not aware of the seriousness of electrical safety inspection. Let’s find out when you should not avoid a safety inspection service:

  • Are you planning to purchase a home? You should always check the existing electrical system thoroughly before making a move!
  • Do your home or business space older than 30 years? Get a professional electrician to inspect the current wiring and electrical meter to avoid any accidental electrocution.
  • Are you planning to install a heavy-duty electrical system? Then you must have an inspection before you install any!
  • Did you just renovate your home? You should not delay having a detailed safety inspection to prevent any potential threat to your property.
  • Do you have an adjoining swimming pool and have fancy lighting systems in it? Get a swimming pool electrical safety inspection for better safety of your place.

What Do We Do?

Abdul Electric LLC knows everything about electrical safety inspection. Our professional team of electricians and certified engineers are well versed with the safety guidelines as advised by the govt. take a look at the specific service coverage.

Checking validation – Verification of lighting fixtures and their wattage and compare them with the capacity of your current electrical unit

Function inspection – Inspect the functions and current condition of the system operator, switches, and wall outlets.

Offers preventive measures – Check the function of the AFCI operators and their safety limitations and prevent the system from any electrocution hazards.

Safety device placement – Validate the proper placement of smoke detectors, and surge protection, and examine the outdoor electrical system.

Testing functions – Testing the proper function of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and inspecting electrical panels, amps, and operations,

Checking safety and security – Check the safety and security of the lighting system and confirm the grounding system and add more safety features to the electrical system

Report card & required measures – Finally, we provide a detailed report of the inspected areas and also offer the areas of attention concerning the safety of the place.

What Sets Us Apart?

We work with the best professionals and qualified engineers
to offer added safety to your commercial and residential building

  • Get experienced and certified professionals with more than 15 years of experience
  • Detailed inspection for both residential and commercial buildings with a report card
  • Competitive price that suits your budget and offers flexible economic plans
  • Emergency service at your doorstep with 24×7 availability

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